Restructure, Refocus, Restore, Your Body, Your Mind, Your Life

Join us at our serene location in Henderson at the gateway to Anthem. Experience the Art & Science of the Vedas, including Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Ayurveda (the Science of Life), Yoga, Meditation and Pancha Karma. Pilates is also offered along with Ashiatsu and Thai massage. 

We wish this not only for our clients but also for ourselves, each and every one of us. We continue to educate ourselves so that we can give the highest quality of professional care and therapeutic bodywork to our clients. We take care of ourselves so that we can take care of our clients.

If you're not healthy in every aspect of your life, how can you help others achieve that goal? Education seems to be the one thing that falls by the wayside.

This is our focus. This is what makes us unique.

We educate our clients so that they can understand the true cause of their pain and discomforts. We empower them with methods to help alleviate those concerns. We help put the responsibility of their body, mind and life back into their own hands. We give the encouragement needed to change the things that they don't like and make a difference in their own life.