What is Pancha Karma?

Pancha Karma is a complete therapeutic modality that treats the human body/mind/senses in order to help the individual find balance and return to a natural state of harmony. It may be seen as the fast track to returning home to a more blissful state of spirit.

Focus may be on strong reduction/palliation or rejuvenation therapies. It is the single most powerful healing therapeutic system utilized in Ayurveda. It is applied for the purpose of eliminating Ama (toxins) and excess doshas (force of imbalance based on elemental qualities) in strong/moderate or weaker patients, and is beneficial in the healing of many conditions.

Pancha Karma requires proper preparation before beginning. Pancha Karma is a process, not a procedure. It is the process of removing Ama, and excess doshas from the body and mind and then rebuilding the internal strength (Ojas) of the body. There are three components to the process of Pancha Karma: (purva karma) techniques for preparation, (pradhana karma) techniques for elimination, and (prashat karma) follow-up techniques for rejuvenation.

How is Pancha Karma administered?

Pancha Karma begins with proper preparation to ready the body for the elimination of Ama/toxins. This process, called purva karma, can last from 3-21 days. This is explained during your first consultation during which time your program can be set up. This Preparatory Stage can be done at home with lifestyle, diet, and daily oleation.

The second phase of Pancha karma is the actual elimination of Ama, and excess doshas. These are the main practices of Pancha karma. This phase is called pradhana karma. This process takes anywhere from 5- 10 days. These Therapies will be Scheduled with your Pk Therapist at the Studio Daily for Approx. 3-4 Hours Per Day.

It is required for you to go home and be in a calm environment during this phase of your therapy. The final phase of Pancha karma, called prashat karma, is considered follow-up practices to rebuild the strength and Agni of the body. This phase of care takes 21-28 days. It is recommended that you schedule weekly follow up visits with your therapist at this time. Hence, a complete program of Pancha karma, properly applied, can take nearly 2 months. Each phase is essential to the process, and failure to properly perform any one of these, decreases the results.

Indications for Pancha Karma

Pancha karma is indicated in the strong patient who has Ama, or excess tissues that need purification and reduction. Secondly, it is considered as effective therapy in the management of strong patients who are suffering from acute diseases. Lastly, it is indicated as a preventative measure when administered on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Contraindications for Pancha Karma:

Pancha karma, is contraindicated for patients who are physically or mentally weak, in those over age 70, in those under age 5, and in patients you are emaciated.

Scheduling & Prices

Each patient must go through an initial consultation to determine their constitution and the nature of their imbalance or disease. One may schedule a five day or a seven day Pancha Karma therapy or a milder palliation therapy (purification/tonification).The PK therapist will determine the length and procedure if the therapy after the initial consultation has been performed. Prices will vary accordingly.

  • 3 days- $1500
  • 5 days- $2250
  • 7 days-$2795
  • 10 days- $3795

Please call the studio at 702-263-9000, to set up your initial consultation and to receive more specific information about scheduling and process.