Aston Patterning is a comprehensive, individual approach to addressing client’s patterns. Aston Patterning focuses upon a client’s patterns in relationship to his or her entire body and to the environment, rather that just addressing a single part. Aston patterning incorporates movement, body work and ergonomics to aid client’s in overcoming patterns that no longer work, as well as improving his or her function and overall quality of life.

The Aston Paradigm is an evolution of realizations by Judith Aston about the nature of human existence. It includes perceptions about our bodies' natural form and function, our processes of learning and self expression, and our interaction with the physical properties of the planet and our environment. Key to the paradigm is the recognition that the human body is an asymmetrical structure, that its motion and form take on three-dimensional asymmetrical spiral patterns and that each human body is unique.

1 hr - $200