• $100 - 60 min (may be added to any other bodywork session)

Basti Therapy employs the use of medicated oils to address conditions or blockages in the body. Oils chosen by your practitioner for your individual needs are held in place by a dough dam on the body. This allows the oil to stay in contact with the body for an extended period and increase the therapeutic effect.

Basti Therapies Include:

  • Netra Basti Medicated oils are used on the eyes to address a wide range of issues involving the eyes, from simple irritation to more serious conditions

Before your Netra Basti begins, we start by massaging your face and scalp to encourage realease of tension in the head region. Next, we apply the Netra Basti, the traditional Ayurvedic eye treatment involving bathing the eyes in plain or medicated ghee. The ghee is retained within a dam made of dough for approximately 15 minutes on each side. This is a specialized Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes and nervous system.

Some of the Benefits

Relieves tension in the eye sockets that can lead to loss of vision, fatigue, pain, glaucoma, cross-eye, conjunctivitis, night blindness, sunken eyes, corneal inflammation and other disorders.

  1. Nourishes the nervous system
  2. Improves memory and other mental functions
  3. Brings luster to the eyes and face
  4. Removes wrinkles
  5. Improves complexion
  6. Develops ones linguistic abilities
  7. Reduces physical tension
  8. Emotional release
  • Katti Basti Medicated oils are used on the thoracic or lumbar regions of the back to aid in the strengthening and healing of tissue.
  • Uro Basti oils are placed over the heart or heart chakra. Uro Basti is useful for strengthening the emotional center of the body.
  • Chakra Basti Employs the uses of a wide range of oils placed over an individual chakra. After consultation, the therapist will select the best combination of oils and determine which chakra the therapy will be most beneficial for.
  • Adrenal Basti Medicated oils are placed over the kidneys to rejuvenate the adrenal gland, which can become depleted during the hectic life many people live.
  • Thyroid Basti Medicated oils are placed over the thyroid gland to assist in balancing of the hormones and to help regulate metabolism.