• 1 hr - $125
  • 2 hr - $200

In Ayurveda 'Marmasthans' are special points of energies in the body. This ancient science of dealing with body energies was taken to China during the religious and cultural changes taking place in India and the Chinese developed this science as acupuncture.

Ayurvedic acupuncturists or marma therapists are fully aware of the energy chakras and all energy points which can be treated to unblock the channels of energies. Ayurvedic acupuncture is still widely in practice in India and Sri Lanka.

Thai/Marma Therapy

  • 1hr -  $125
  • 1.5hr - $145

A combination of meditation, rhythmic acupressure, deep assisted stretches and exercise that tones all the systems of the body. Gentle rocking, reflexology, and energy work using Marma points to restore energetic flow through the body while bringing awareness to help create a deep state of relaxation and increased vitality.