Neurotransformations is a revolutionary combination of mind, movement and bodywork modalities. Neurotransformations blends techniques from eastern and western modalities to design a unique and individual therapy for each client’s needs. Neurotransformations is designed to help heal the body, mind and spirit to help you become a truly well being.

Human suffering can be explained in a few words. Human suffering comes from forgetting the True Self/Soul, and identifying with the stories of the Ego Self, which is expressed through our Body/Mind/Senses. Communication with both is not the problem, the problems however, arise when we become slaves to the Ego Self, which may be expressed as reacting to outside triggers based on real or perceived imprinted belief systems.

By systematically working to identify limiting factors that have been solidified in our physical body, we learn to look for, and feel for blockages stored in the tissues. We will also learn to identify blockages locked and solidified as truths in the mind, by examining belief systems that no longer serve us, but that we continue to replay in our lives over and over again. We will also identify energetic blockages which may have solidified in our energetic field by examining the luminous body explored through the Chakras. By understanding the intricate communication system of the physical/emotional/spiritual bodies, we can communicate using the correct channels, and make the necessary adjustments in order to return to our true divinity. Using the analogy of an ice cube made of water crystals, we will melt the ice cube, make the changes, and allow for a more unified , aligned crystal formation to manifest into reality.

  • 1hr - $200
  • 11 session series - $2,000 (Receive 1 session free)