• 3 days- $1500
  • 5 days- $1995
  • 7 days-$2795
  • 10 days- $3795

Pancha Karma is a strong reduction therapy. It is the single most powerful healing therapy utilizing in Ayurveda. It is applied for the purpose of eliminating Ama (toxins) and excess doshas (force of imbalance based on elemental qualities) in strong patience and is beneficial in the healing of many conditions.

Pancha Karma can only be performed on a strong patient and requires proper preparation before beginning. Pancha Karma is a process, not a procedure. It is the process of removing Ama, and excess doshas from the body and mind and then rebuilding the internal strength (Ojas) of the body.

There are three components to the process of Pancha Karma: (purva karma) techniques for preparation, (pradhana karma) techniques for elimination, and (prashat karma) follow-up techniques for rejuvenation.

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