The Ki-Atsu Ayurvedic Diagnostic


- Provides an online management system to accurately diagnosis a patient
- Provides therapists with a multifaceted treatment program to address a patient’s condition.
- Provides historical tracking of a patient, showing a patient’s progress over time and updating treatment recommendations based upon a patient’s current condition.
- Provides online education for both clients and therapists. Allows therapists to obtain additional training and certification in new modalities.
- Customizable website that allows therapists to incorporate their approach and philosophy into the client’s treatment program and incorporate their own classes.


- Provides a user friendly interface allowing practitioners to rapidly interpret information and provides easy to understand graphics for the patient
- Provides practitioners with a valuable resource to incorporate several different modalities into a patient’s treatment program
- Provides practitioners with the opportunity to participate in valuable training and increase their offerings to clients.
- Offers a finely detailed analysis of a patient’s condition, rendering so-called “dosha quizes” obsolete
- Provides therapists of all experience levels with access to a vast store of Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom


- Offers a way for practitioners to optimize patient outcomes
- Provides practitioners with detailed explanations regarding the assessments and recommendations, aiding with understanding
- Easy to use program, providing specific, action oriented recommendations.
- Allows practitioners several opportunities to increase revenue to their business
- Provides a cost effective system allowing practitioners to manage all of their clients for a low monthly fee.

The Ki-Atsu Ayurvedic Diagnostic Software is a state of the art program to assist a therapist in treating a client from an Ayurvedic perspective. The software has the client complete a comprehensive intake with the technician.

Based upon the results of the intake, the client’s constitution (Prakruti) is determined in relation to the dominant doshas. The program also identifies which doshas are out of balance (Vikruti), and develops a treatment plan to address the client’s specific needs.

The treatment plans provide a detailed outline of dietary guidelines, lifestyle recommendations, psychological challenges and other Nidana (daily lifestyle challenges). It prescribes Ayurvedic treatment plans including: herbs, yoga, Pranayama, color therapy, Mantras, Meditation, Aromatherapy and bodywork. The Diagnostic software provides therapists & spas with a unique tool designing the most beneficial regimen for clients.

The Ayurvedic diagnostic software is included for all studios who are licensees of Ki-Atsu.

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